Essay on The Future Is Being Made !

759 Words Apr 18th, 2016 4 Pages
The Future is being Made! We would like to Thank all of our Comet Core Supporters over these last few months. It has been a most interesting journey not only developing this product, but building this Company, Comet Core Inc. We must say, that without our Indiegogo Supporters, none of this would have been possible for us, so Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts.
A lot goes into the development of a cell phone. One of the most unpredictable processes is Compliance and Regulation. Unique to cell phones are countless compliance related certifications that are needed to occur on all prototypes, features and hardware. Even with the World’s Best Engineers working on this project, we’re still subject to Government Oversight Organizations around the World to certify every version of our product.
With such a trending campaign on Indiegogo, our Company has been working overtime laying a solid foundation conducive to a global startup. We’re happy to report that this is going very well. With the success of our Indiegogo Campaign, more than doubling its original goal, we were able to greenlight the production of a third prototype. This enabled us to take feedback from our supporters and incorporate it into the design of the final product, upgrading a number of features. The phone will be a stand alone product, boasting unique features unseen in other cellular technology. Because of you, we’ve been able to focus on delivering a product that is intelligently durable,…

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