Essay on The Fundamental Function Of Language

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The fundamental function of language underpins most everything that the 21st-century learner engages in; including, multimodal mediums such as; visual, written, symbolic, and oral representations; language is consequently seen and heard. The contextual components of language cement meaning and understanding for the diversity of participants, while the malleability of language has witnessed the growth of dynamic capabilities (Emmitt, 2010, p. 54). The ever-evolving nature of language has been heavily influenced by a variety of different forces, in particular, human migration, social discourses, and more recently, digital technology. However, there are standards in the basic fundamentals of language that remain static and are universal (Chomsky, as cited in Lecture 1; Emmitt, 2010, p. 55). The early stages of language development, from birth to five years of age, ascertain the home environment and caregivers as the initial and primary educators; moreover, the predominately primal purpose for language acquisition in children of this age group, is to satisfy basic wants and needs (Halliday, 1975, pp. 18-19). As children mature and become students of formal education, language develops in complexity, with innovative meaning and purpose (Halliday, 1975, pp. 34-35). Therefore, the responsibility of the teacher is to ensure students are well equipped with effective strategies and skills to solidify their understanding of language and enhance their capabilities…

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