The Functions Of Immigration Within The United States Essay

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The functions of immigration can be the political boundaries that bring movement of people to cross the border into the U.S. but, globalization is a function of immigration that is worldwide integration of government policies, culture, and social movements. Another function of immigration is the environment, where immigration and environment were really tight linked and it’s a function of immigration because it is the effects of global warming and climate changing over the worldwide. The transnationals can also be considered as a function of immigration because it is immigrants with multiple social relationships that connect to their settlement and society origin. A refugee is the people that live outside their country for fear and political persecution. These functions benefit our social stratum, global economy, and society as a whole immigration organization. The dysfunctions of immigration are considered five criticisms relating to the immigration policy: one is the brain drain, skilled workers, professionals and technicians who are desperately needed by home countries; second, is the population of growth, immigration has increased in which it has become more significant; third, mixed status families, is more like one member is a citizen and one is not a citizen; fourth is, English language acquisition the aspects of immigration are non-English speakers and businesses with foreign language storefronts assure potential customers that employees speak another foreign…

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