The Front De Liberation Du Quebec Essay examples

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“Just watch me” are the defiant words uttered by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in response to the Front de liberation du Quebec (FLQ), a Marxist group who captained Quebec independence through indiscriminate political violence. His words are not those of an iron-fisted strongman, despite how strong and undetailed his comments were at the time, but those of a calculated and well-versed leader, whose decisions came at the behest of prominent Quebec politicians. The FLQ instilled a decade of social violence in the streets of Quebec by systemically championing the struggles of French minorities who perceived unjust treatment in everyday life. Their qualms quickly evolved from protest to a Marxist movement, which incorporated elements from conflicts in Cuba and Algeria. From their inception in the rebellious 1960’s, the FLQ promoted incendiary bombings of civilian and military institutions, which maimed and killed at random. In addition to innocent citizens, the group focussed on political assassinations, even going as far to develop a manifesto dictating anti-English sentiments and calls for ‘an armed struggle’ against government oppressors, a clear parallel to the Marxist psychology the group had adapted. To combat the growing violence, intensified by a rash of political kidnappings, Trudeau undertook the extreme, yet necessary decision to invoke Canada’s War Measures Act, the first, and only, non-wartime enactment in the nation’s history. The War…

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