Essay about The Frog Prince By Robert Coover

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To some people one person that loves them is not enough. They feel a need to have someone else to fill a void that they have inside of them. In Robert Coover’s story, “The Frog Prince” and in Richard Ford’s story, “How Was It To Be Dead?” they present the theme that you do not always need more than one person to show you compassion because the symbol of breaking a trust of one another and also the conflict of complicating something more than it needs to be. The symbol of breaking a trust can be demonstrated in both stories although they are presented a little differently because “The Frog Prince” the woman was not trying to save their marriage and in “How Was It To Be Dead?” Wally tries his hardest to save their marriage. In the short story “The Frog Prince”, the main character is in love with a frog while she is high on drugs but she also still loves her ex husband when she is no longer on the drug. We know this because when the author says, “It all tended to vanish when the high wore off” (Coover 1). She needed to be high to be able to be with the frog but would do anything to be with him but would not for the ex husband. She just kicked him to the curb once she had found the frog, which she had believed he was better than her ex husband. She wanted her ex husband to still love her but she did not realize she broke the trust with her husband at first. In the end he took her back when she tells him, “She had been hooked on a weird drug but had kicked it now” (Coover 3).…

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