The Friedman 's On Personal Core Values Essay

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The Friedman’s chapter “Clarify What’s Important to You” brings up this idea of personal core values. Values are beliefs that guide and direct one’s behavior. Every individual has a set of values that “ determine your actions as a leader and how you view the world around you. Acquiring multiple core values is crucial considering values establish behavior, actions, and decisions. Additionally, these values correlate with one another and demonstrate each individual’s potential as leaders. Based on the list provided on pages 46-48, my personal core values include: recognition, personal development, collaboration, and order. Distinction and reflection is what makes these core values significant. The first core value is: recognition. Recognition as a core value influences the decisions that I have made in my life. Recognition, according to Friedman, is “positive feedback and public credit for work well done; respect and admiration.” The saying “ Give credit, when credit is due” comes to mind. This core value exemplifies my life because I admire the work of others as an inspiration. Furthermore, recognizing and giving credit for the work of others is a representation of integrity. Failing to acknowledge another persons work is comparable to cheating and lying. The Rutgers University Academic Integrity manifests the seriousness of plagiarism and stealing the ideas from others. The second core value is: personal development. According to, Personal development…

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