Essay about The French Revolution And The Revolution

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The difference between the French revolution, and previous revolutions, was that unlike previous revolutions (particularly those in Europe),it was one of the first modern revolutions to successfully overthrow a monarchy and establish a republic. It also led to the spread of new ideas across Europe and much of the Western world. Lasting from 1789 to 1799, the French revolution set about replacing and completely abolishing the previous monarchy, with a far more modern government, establishing a republic in the process. As well as this, the French revolution led to a dramatic change in not only French society, but European society as a whole, with the spread of new ideas sweeping across Europe.
Unlike other revolutions, which tended to replace the previous ruling monarchies, with a new monarchy, the French revolution was different, as it established a new republic, instead of a new monarchy. As well as the complete abolition of the French monarchy, the French revolution sought to establish a democratic republic, that was extremely authoritarian and militaristic, eventually resulting with the establishment of Napoleon as the dictator of France later on during the early 19th century.
It can be argued that the French revolution was one of the most important events in human history, as it triggered a wide range of ideas to spread across Europe, including radical social change throughout Europe, and the eventual rise of French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte as the Emperor of France.…

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