Essay about The French Revolution And The American

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The French Revolution and the American both influenced both nations differently. The American Revolution was about colonists wanted to break away from Britain to gain their independence and be 13, not separate, but united colonies in their own new nation, known as the United States today. The French on the other hand just wanted to reform their country, although they did it on a humanistic base, which didn’t really do them much good because their country was still left in debt, and complete monarchy.
All thirteen colonies were in what we may now know as the United States, yet that was not an existing country at the time. They all belonged to England although not for long. After so much chaos the colonies had enough and decided to split away to make their own country. There were many events that turned them against England wanting to split away. The big economic reason for their causes was mercantilism. Mercantilism means that ‘The wealth is finite.’ The British didn’t want to enforce the navigation acts, also known as ‘Salutary Neglect’. This wasn’t all, back then taxes were a big issue. The colonists were first taxed on sugar. “It put duties on important wine, coffee, and molasses” (Keagy). Soon after, the British had decided that the colonists had to purchase an official stamped paper as tax on every document (Burg, David). This event was known as the Stamp Act of 1765. The reason the British were taxing the colonies were because they needed money in order to pay for…

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