The French And Latin American Revolutions Essay

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In the eighteenth century, a cultural change consisting of philosophical thinking and new ideals transpired, known as the Enlightenment. It consisted of scientific reason and logic rather than religious faith. Many of the policies revolved around around man’s natural rights to life, liberty and property, as well as who should truly be in power and rule. Many of these Enlightened ideas inspired various groups of people, those who sparked revolutions globally, including the French and Latin American Revolutions. The French Revolution from 1788 to 1799 consisted of various political and social acts by those who wanted to remove the idea of absolute monarchy in their government, and instead create one elected by the people. Those who were incredibly wealthy, the bourgeoisie, believed they were least represented as their own class, thus, making them lead the revolution.Meanwhile, at the start of the nineteenth century, several Latin American revolutions broke out. Those who were of Spanish descent, the Creoles, led many of the revolutions, believing it was unfair to be less represented because they were born in Latin America. However, as the revolutions came to an end, the French and Latin American Revolutions were radically different when it came to the outcomes of the war, with who ended up in rule and who was independent. The causes of the French and Latin American Revolutions both included Enlightenment values inspiring misrepresented classes to achieve their rightful…

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