Latin American Independence Essay

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Prior to the 1820’s, the Latin American colonies had been merely just territories of Spain and Portugal. By the time of Latin America 's independence the potential for a successful future was already laid out through its economic patterns and leadership of Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin.The people of Latin America had influence from the enlightenment to create political changes. Latin America had the potential to develop a democracy and a strong economy because it was inspired by North America 's independence, the raw materials it had, and its sense of Nationalism. Following the American Revolution, the Latin American colonies also believed in the ideals of equality to all people, free trade, and free press (577). Being influenced …show more content…
It could be argued Latin America had obstacles that did not give them the potential to have a democracy and a strong economy. These obstacles could include the elites that owned large estates. It caused a division in political views regarding property rights. This division of political would set back the development of the colonies because of the political disagreement. It is argued that if the people of the Latin American colonies strongly believe in equality before the law, but the wealthy elites obtain a majority of the land when the poor people have nothing.
The future development of the Latin American colonies had been predetermined at their time of independence because of their strong leaders fighting for independence. The ideals from the American Revolution and the Enlightenment influenced the Latin American colonies need to revolt to gain independence. The large amount of raw material available in the colonies allows for successful free trade for an independent country with other industrialized countries. Having a strong feeling of nationalism increased the military and gave the nation unity to setting the Latin American colonies up to develop a strong democracy and

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