The French And Indian War Essay

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What was once know as the British Empire would soon become two separate countries as a result of the tension created by different documents that taxed the colonists such as the sugar, stamp, Townsend duties tea and intolerable acts that served for the British’s main concern; money. As numerous attempts were made by British to also get the colonists to pay taxes, the colonists became furious as acts continued to be repealed and replaced by harsher acts. While the two sides continued to have differences of what was considered “fair”, the inability to settle these issues would create the battle known as the American Revolution.
The focus on money began after the French and Indian war otherwise known as the Seven Year which occurred around the 1750’s and 1760’s. As a result of the war Britain gained new territory, but also created a massive debt that Britain would expect for the British along with the colonies to pay. The first tax the Britain imposed on the colonists was the sugar act of 1764. This act became identified as an issue especially since molasses was used to make rum, which was a major product of the economy within the colonies. From the stamp act the idea of “no taxation without representation began”. The colonists wanted to give their consent to the new acts and laws that would be put in place, and to be allowed to state their opinions. Although the British payed more taxes and also had no direct representation in parliament, the colonists were the ones…

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