The French And Indian War: Effects Of The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War between Great Britain, France and Spain had a large impact on the colonial-Britain relationship. The Treaty of Paris (1763) ended the war leaving Great Britain with new territory to expand their claims. Moreover, the expenses of the war left them with an immense amount of debt. In relation to the colonies the effect of the French and Indian War was damaging. Great Britain mistreated the colonies by heavily taxing them and imposing unfair acts in order to relieve their expenses and tighten their control on the colonies. Great Britain became land hungry and wanted to reassert control in the colonies, without fulfilling the promise of sharing the new found land. In the aftermath of The French and Indian war Great Britain …show more content…
British laws aimed to control and tax the colonies, began to alter the relationship between Great Britain and the colonies. The most immediate effect felt by the colonists was the Proclamation of 1763, issued by King George the Third, the goals were to establish governments for their new territories gained after the war, to encourage peace between the colonists and the remaining tribes and keep colonists confined to the coast. This infuriated the colonists who saw the vast new territory between the Appalachians and the Mississippi as theirs for taking. Two major acts that made the colonists feel oppressed by Britain was the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act. The Sugar Act was a taxation set on molasses and sugar imported into the colonies, while the …show more content…
Political organizations such as the First Continental Congress, where all of the delegates except for the state of Georgia discussed their response to the British Intolerable Acts on October 26, at Carpenter 's Hall. They met to discuss not with the purpose to pursue independence from Great Britain but to send a message United as one. Following, the Second Continental Congress was held on May 10, 1775 just as warfare had begun in the Revolutionary war. They established a continental army and elected George Washington as Commander and Chief, they made decisions on where and when to attack, and issued paper money and a system where the government would borrow money from citizens. The use of propaganda to unify the beliefs of Patriots is seen as Thomas Paine 's pamphlet "Common Sense" was published in 1776. One the first to simply state the importance for the colonies to break off from British authority. It was written so that the common man can understand and be inspired to fight for independence. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was drafted written by the Continental Congress. It stated the reasons that lead to colonies wanting independence from Britain and was ratified on July 4, 1776 Soon the colonies won the American Revolutionary war and gained their Independence from Great Britain.
The mistreatment by the taxation of products and the enforcement

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