The Freedom Writers A Story About The Students Of Classroom 203 And How A New English Teacher

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The Freedom Writers a story about the students of classroom 203 and how a new English teacher, Erin Gruwell, changed their lives writing. Many of the students in the classroom attended Woodrow Wilson High School as a result of the voluntary integration program issued by the superintendent. Most of these students had rough upbringings to say the least. They were enslaved by the gang life, crime, abusive homes, and social injustice. Until Gruwell gave these students some hope for freedom, these students had no room to dream of a better life. She believed that change needed to happen in the classroom before you could see change in the world. She was right. When the students finally see that there could be change in the world, there is a dramatic shift in the class room. The class finally pick up their pens and begin to write in their journals Gruwell had issued to the class. The journal entries from the students were collected to be published to encourage other kids across America to give them hope. Although Gruwell was faced with opposition from fellow teachers and faculty members, that would not stop her from teaching these kids that, no matter the circumstance they can change the world. The movie begins with use of original footage of the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 from local news. A blank screen covers the scene and you hear a series of news distressed reporters describing the mass chaos that has captured the city. This makes the audience feel sort of in the dark. As the…

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