Essay about The Freedom Riders By John F. Kennedy

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The Freedom Riders “The Freedom Riders” came about when John F. Kennedy was running for presidency. He asked African Americans to vote for him, and promised to support the Civil Rights movement. “The Freedom Riders” decided to test his commitment on what he said by setting up a “Journey of Reconciliation.” “The Freedom Riders” was a historical event that took place during the 1960’s. Thirteen people started the movement: six whites, and seven black students. Their sole objective was challenging the racial segregation in America, through interstate transport, travelling as a small group by boarding buses and trains to the south where discrimination mostly occurred. These frequent trips served as an avenue to demand and bring racial segregation to the nation’s attention (The King Center). “The Freedom Riders” believed that nonviolent protest was the only way to solve racial discrimination. They traveled from Washington, DC, to New Orleans by bus. The Riders were a U.S. Civil Rights group for racial equality in the United States.
The picture was taken in May 1961 when the riders’ were on their way to the Deep South before their bus was put in flame six miles to southwest of Anniston, Alabama. As they attempted to escape, the group came under attack. They were beaten, wounded and often called names such as niggers. As they attempted to escape, the group came under attack. They were beat by men armed with bricks, iron pipes, and knives (The King Center). The riders began…

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