The Free Medical Clinic Website Essay

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When authors write they must use strategies to both engage the reader and get their point across. These strategies are called rhetorical appeals and they determine whether or not a text is successful at getting the reader to see the main point. The Free Medical Clinic’s website is there to inform both potential volunteers and patients about how the clinic runs, the services provided, and opportunities that can be obtained at the clinic. The website uses many rhetorical appeals to get this point across, but it mainly uses style, pathos, and ethos to do so. Style is an identifying factor in writing; each person has their own style of writing and after a while people can even be identified as the author of a text purely upon the style of writing. The website that is used by the Free Medical Clinic has a nonchalant feel to it because it is there mainly to inform readers and not to persuade you to feel a certain way or anything like that. The goal of informing the readers by the websites use of lists of short bits of information comes up when they talk about how to volunteer and what each position does. (Get Involved) The simplistic wording of the website makes it easily comprehensible to majority of readers. For example, the website keeps its use of large scholarly wording to a minimum in the services section, so people understand what kinds of treatments are done. (Our Services) The style of the website keeps people of all backgrounds engaged and connected with their…

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