The Frankfurt School Of Thought Essay

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People often try to feel as a part of something, but what happens when a persons views and beliefs are completely different from the norm? In order to feel understood, these people will seek out others that share in their ideas and feelings, often times forming a subculture. The Frankfurt and Birmingham schools of thought analyze popular culture in an attempt to examine the formation and the purpose of subcultures in society. Through personal observation and interviews I was able to analyze the Gothic subculture. In my research I focus on the styles, the beliefs, and rules of the Gothic subculture while applying the Frankfurt school and Hebdige’s theories on subculture to determine whether they pose a threat to society. To begin the analysis, one must take mass/popular culture. The Frankfurt School of Thought uses critical theory to say that critique is essential in looking back on the nature of society (Barnes 2016). The Frankfurt school theorists didn’t see the working class as the agent of social change, however they argued that critical theory could raise people’s consciousness and in turn motivate them to work towards change (Barnes 2016). The Frankfurt school’s Critical theories focus on understanding the power of a commodity driven society, fascism, the process of mass-media, and popular culture in the political process (Barnes 2016). The theorists accredit mass culture (T.V., Social media, advertising, etc) to be the tool of domination. The culture industry uses…

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