The Frame Crashed Against The Wall A Few Inches From ' Donyale 's Head '

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The frame crashed against the wall a few inches from 'Donyale 's head
"Oh hell Naw” an enraged Donyale screamed charging towards her like a mad woman and commenced to more ass kicking after struggling to break the ladies apart he toss Donyale on the couch and shouted "Yo stay over there” then pushed Ky’Mina toward the door she tried to grab Donyale hair but he damn near snapped her wrist he wasn 't going to stand idle and let her sneak one in on his woman.
"Let go of me, you better let me go!" Ky’Mina screamed clawing at his hands on her wrist as he dragged her toward the door
“Not until you calm your ass down"
"Let her go Varee, she can get it again if she wants it " Donyale huffed pacing back and forward clenching her hands into fist he continue to hold onto her until he manage to get her outside then dead bolt the lock he felt something hit his back and it hurt like a mother Donyale had hit him with a lamp
“Arghhhh” he yelled out in pain as he rubbed his back "What the fuck yo?" he asked walking towards her
“Tee-Tee, Tee-tee, let’s go! “She said through sobs as tears now pour from her eyes
"Naw Tee-Tee stay in there, daddy needs to talk to mommy”
"Fuck you Tavaris! Let’s go Tee-Tee now!" Donyale screamed as she raced to the bedroom door damn near tripping over items on the now cluttered living room floor. Their baby girl came out of the room holding her shoes in her hand
" But I want to watch Dora Mommy" She whined
"You can watch Dora later baby, but right now we…

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