Jean Piaget's Study

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Jean Piaget’s theory is very interesting. The cognitive development is all the mental activities. The thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating. Jeans studies made him believe that a child’s mind grows in stages. The older we get the more our brains develop. Our intellectual progression has to do with all of our experiences we have in our life time. We have schemas as out brain is maturing. Where we have experiences where we use and adjust to these schemas. They change a lot the older we get and the more our brain develops. Jean has a theory in four stages. The four stages our sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. In the sensorimotor stage, there is a lot going on in the infants mind. The older …show more content…
We may use all the things that we have learned when we were younger, but we start to think outside of the box and see things different the more we experience. For example Jean say that teenagers get in more heated arguments with their parents in the teenage years. I find that very true, I was always arguing with my parents as a teenager. They were always wrong, and I was always right. They didn’t know anything about my life and what I was going through. I was in the teenage cognitive development, of course I was always right and they were always wrong. I was very self-centered and everything revolved around me. For the moral reasoning, based on what we believed was right and wrong has a lot to do with our cognitive development. In moral intuition is where are feelings are. Where we are disgusted by certain things, or get gut feelings about things, or we get the warm feeling in the chest. When we see or hear different things depending on what they are, these feelings come into action and make us want to do many different things. For example when a lady was driving down the road and it was snowy, she saw an elderly women shoveling her driveway. She then saw a young man jump out of his truck and went and got the shovel from the elderly lady and started shoveling her driveway for her. This women who saw this got the warm feeling in her chest and wanted to get out of her car and go and give that young man a hug. Everyone had different emotional reactions. Our moral action has a lot to do with our moral reasoning and moral intuition, they just all tie together on how we take things and act as a teenager going into

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