The Four Key Elements Of A Service Delivery System

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Running a successful service comes from delivering an excellent service. Designing an excellent service delivery system focuses on creating value to which customer is willing to pay for and engage service employees in delivering wonderful experience to customers. The four key elements of successful service elements are: (Four Key Elements of a Service Delivery System, n.d.)
• Service Culture: Leadership principles, norms, work habits, vision, mission and values set a base for building Service Culture
• Employee Engagement: It is highly essential in executing service in order to become successfully and effective service model. Employee attitudes, activities and leadership skills are critical to success of the service
• Service Quality: Service
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It is highly important to evaluate how both customer and end user perceive service delivery for long term commitment. It has become necessary to include customer as part of Service delivery system during the design stage. Customer participation in the service will help in analyzing the experience of customer and their feedback should be recorded. Increase in technology usage in service and having all details of customer’s interest and needs will help in achieving a competitive advantage. (Four Key Elements of a Service Delivery System, n.d.)
Drivers of Service Delivery System:
• Service Concept
• Target Market
• Operating Strategy (Managing the Service Profit Chain, n.d.)
Factors Contributing to Service Decisions
Various Service Decision Factors that play a critical role in New Service Development are:
• Facility location: Location decided upon proximity to customers, easy to commute with transportation facilities available
• Facility Layout: Customer at the facility location should have access to services with ease, surroundings should be attractive
• Product and Process Design: Service Offerings in aspects of Intangible and tangibles are considered
• Scheduling: assigning workers to the service for instance during peak hours, more servers are required
• Worker skills: Based on service concept, level of customer contact in service and Industrialization, workers need to possess certain
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This bundle consists of five features: supporting facility, facilitating goods, information, implicit and explicit services”. (James A Fitzsmmons, 2006) All these features are coordinated to create a well-designed service system with a desired service package. Designing a service system has various approaches:
• Production-line approach: Delivering a routine service, services provided in a controlled environment to ensure quality and efficiency of the service. The service could use cost leadership strategy to gain competitive advantage. This approach is an attempt to use manufacturing concept in field of service
• Limited Discretionary action of personnel: Contributes to success of Production line approach. Standardization, Quality and meeting specification are necessary in Production line for consistent performance of service. Due to this standardization, employees will have limited power/ authority to make decisions. Identical services will be delivered at various service facilities of an

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