Essay on The Four Extra Shots Fired By Meursault

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The four extra shots fired by Meursault were the result of suppressed emotions from Meursault’s life and especially from his mother’s funeral. This can be supported by many things. When Meursault is dealing with the confusing emotions of his mother’s death, he falls asleep which is a sign of hiding emotions. Also, suppressed emotions can lead to outbursts of anger. If he had properly addressed his emotions, he would have never returned to shoot the Arab four more times. And the extra four shots were one of the key reasons why he was caught and convicted. If he had never returned to fire the four shots, people may not have heard the shots and the crime may never have been reported. Also, the four shots proved that this wasn’t self defense or it would have only been one shot instead of one and then four more hours later. The suppression of emotions also results in poor value judgments from prior life experiences. There are many sources to cite that help prove my point like Common Causes for Anger Management Issues, Effects of Suppressing Emotions and Emotional Numbness, Emotions, and Why Some People Respond to Stress by Falling Asleep. When all of these elements are combined, together, they create an emotionally repressed teenager who has no idea how to handle his emotions.
Some people believe that Meursault returned to the dead Arab later in the story to double check that he was really dead and there were no loose ends. However, Meursault returned to fire at the dead Arab as…

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