The Four Cognitive Areas Of Gender Differences Essay

1185 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
The four cognitive areas where gender differences are most shown is in memory, verbal abilities, mathematics abilities, and spatial abilities. Memory tests tend to show that women scored higher than men, especially when asked to recall certain words. Women also recalled more words from a “grocery store” list” and recalled as equally with men in the “hardware store” list. They also can recall events from their own lives more than men, perhaps because mothers encourage expressing emotions to their daughters more than to their sons, and therefore they get more practice in this area. They can even remember faces more than men, including individuals’ faces from different ethnic groups and their physical traits. Finally, women can remember objects and abstract shapes, and specifically recall where they remember them from, better than men can. In verbal abilities, girls up until the age of two, tend to have a higher vocabulary than boys. Young boys and girls, along with adults, also show differences in their spelling, vocabulary, word association, reading comprehension, and ability to learn a second language. Girls are better at naming objects that meet a given criteria, while other studies have shown they tend to do better on writing tests. However, there are very low differences on the SAT and Advanced Placement exams. According to studies, males may be four or five times more likely to develop reading disabilities, separate from general intelligence, although teachers may simply…

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