Essay on The Foundations Of Pharmacy Practice II Course

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Recently there has been an increase in certain diseases, some of them preventable and others new to the scientific community for which research is being done in order to produce a treatment or vaccine against it. Regardless of the type of disease, the mission of healthcare professionals is to create awareness about such diseases and provide the patient with measures they can take not only to protect them, but to protect others as well. This is one of the main reasons why as part of the Foundations of Pharmacy Practice II course I completed an immunizations training that lead to a certification providing me the authorization to educate the community as well to participate in providing immunizations. The certification training consisted of 7 different modules followed by a quiz after each module. At the end there was a final exam that I needed to score 70% or more in order to pass. In addition, there was a practical portion in which we practice our vaccinating techniques for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. At the end, a practical exam that involved evaluation of our immunizing technique was performed. This completed the final portion of most of the requirements that where used to apply for the certification.

Through this training I gained knowledge and understanding on the importance of educating our selves on such topics, since pharmacies are readily more available to the patients. It is through this ease of access and convenience that an opportunity is presented…

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