Essay on The Foundation Of The United States

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The foundation of the United States was based upon expansion of territory on several ideological bases. Post revolutionary and establishment period expansion came to the budding nation of America as it formed a conceptual necessity to move westward. Westward expansion in the United states took several motivating purposes after crossing the Appalachian mountains in the late eighteenth century. Broad purposes for expansion from the early nineteenth century to the civil war include the idea of manifest destiny, national economic profit through settling and homesteading, and the expansion of land mass and resource for political power and influence. Manifest destiny is the ideology that the United states was destined to expand from coast to coast and acted as a driving force for the minds of settlers and westward movers throughout the early nineteenth century. However this destiny did not come without follies in moral fortitude. As discussed in lecture, not only cotton but also the expansion of voting rights for white men led to the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828. Once elected, Jackson excessively pushed for the westward removal of Indians. In the late 1830s, as part of Jackson’s Indian removal policy, the “Trail of Tears” caused the death of scores of Native Americans for the sake of expansion. Though taken poorly through public perception, westward expansion continued under the pre-destined ideology. A large territorial gain example of manifest destiny is the annexation…

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