The Formation Of Friendship By Aristotle Essay

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As we grow and develop social skills, we learn to create special bonds with others outside of family and eventually obtain a variety of friendships. The formation of friendship, as well as the bond, is something that has and is still being studied for many years. Every friendship we try to form begins with an experimental and holistic practice of philosophy and science and whether we notice it or not, it is always being applied to shape the kind of friendships we are mentally looking for. In Aristotle’s, Nomachean Ethics, he says that when people seek friendships they are simply looking for one of the three following motives: utility, pleasure and goodness. He simply classifies each of the friendships and determines which friendship is the most stable. Whether or not one wants to agree or disagree, I do agree that his theory holds weight within the context of book VIII. Friendships based on utility was considered to be the least stable by Aristotle (Aristotle 220). This type of friendship can be simply be described as a friendship that is only based on people’s usefulness to one another whether it is material, such as money or intangible, such as knowledge. People who seek out these types of friendships are not bad people but rather are people who seek out those who can help them progress their goals (Aristotle 217). However, because this friendship is solely based on benefits it is the least stable because when they are no longer mutually beneficial to one other, the…

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