The Forgotten Girls Character Analysis

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Many people think of psychopaths as only men, however women can be psychopaths too. The ratio of men to women has been as high as twenty to one. Alexa Steele is the author of the murder mystery, The Forgotten Girls. This novel takes place in Greenvale, New York, a luxurious town with a killer on the loose. It is up to Bella DeFranco and her partner Mack to solve the murder and put their unknown subject away for good. Dr. Weber, in the Forgotten Girls by Alexa Steele, is a suspicious character because she keeps secrets, is emotionless, and worked at a mental hospital for the criminally insane.
Dr. Weber is a suspicious character because she is keeping secrets from the detectives. After three murders in the rich town of Greenvale, the SVU detectives
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Weber is a suspicious character because she worked at a mental hospital for the criminally insane. The mental hospital, Dunmore, is not a place a sane person would want to work at. “Dunmore. Wow. Bella knew the place. It had been a high-security hotel for the criminally insane before they shut it down. This might explain Weber’s edge’ or maybe it was her edge that brought her to Dunmore” (Steele 1373). As stated in the quote, Weber clearly has something about her. Either Dunmore made her strange or she already was, but everything she does makes her look suspicious. In a chapter from Weber’s point of view, some very interesting information was reveals about her, making her appear all the more guilty to the readers. “… the connection she had carved between [Greenvale,] her bucolic little gem of a town and [Dunmore,] that terrifyingly dangerous warehouse for the criminally insane” (Steele 2388). To the readers, this connection seems to be the ribbons found at each crime scene. The ribbons that came from Dunmore. The immediate thought is that she is the murderer of Joslyn and the two teenage girls. Dr. Weber’s old job at Dunmore, the hospital for the criminally insane, makes her a suspicious character to the detectives, and even more so to the reader.
The secrets, absence of emotion and her previous job at Dunmore all prove that Dr. Weber is a suspicious character in The Forgotten Girls. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The moment there is a suspicion about a person’s motives, everything

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