The Forest Of Gombe By Jane Goodall Essay

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“In the Forest of Gombe” by Jane Goodall majorly argues how the author learns about two new concepts to look through the window which she calls windows after she is trying to seek comfort after her husband’s death. In “God, Science and Imagination”, the author Wendall Berry criticize the main idea of another journal by another scientist to prove his acknowledgement of both science and religion as well as his thoughts regarding human nature. Both authors mention the interaction of science and religion and they seem to share similar ideas regarding the coexistence of both concepts. However, most people are not like those two authors who could see the reconciliation of these two concepts. The reason why most people have trouble reconciling multiple perspectives are their lack of thinking at different points of views, the mutual disapproval among the different perspectives, their absence or the lateness of the realization of the new aspects regarding multiple perspectives as well as people’s unwillingness to alter. To begin with, in the case of science and religion, people’s common sense of these two perspectives is that they are quite opposite to each other due to their divergent ways of seeing the world. In the article “In the Forest of Gombe”, Goodall points out that “so many people seem to think that science and religion are mutually exclusive” (148). This implies that most people think of science and religion as two separate points of views. When two very…

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