The Following Exploratory Issues Will Be Addressed Within This Research

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The following exploratory issues will be addressed within this research:
1). History / research of airport / aerotropolis development best practices – relationship / correlation to urban spatial development / distribution & current / anticipated land use around similar / comparable airports;
2). Study positive and negative airport / aerotropolis community / economic causes & effects (i.e. socio-demographics, land-use, etc.); 3). Long - term sustainable development(s) / environmental impact(s);
4). Development of best case scenario conceptual development, planning & policy recommendations to assist and manage long-term sustainable aerotropolis development / land-use around DFW & DAL;
5). Creation of assessment guide (criteria) to aid in speculative national/global airport aerotropolis development(s).

Development of Criteria / Assessment Tool
Delphi Method
The first step to developing the evaluation criteria / assessment tool is to complete the Delphi method, where identification of criteria is done on the basis of extensive literature review as well as consultation with experts. The Delphi technique involves gathering information about experts’ views of the future spatial design of aviation development (Wang, 2013). This is grounded on the assumption that an aviation expert is better able to forecast future airport planning/development.
Experts were asked open-ended questions about the airport-centered/aerotropolis development principles to confirm the criteria. The…

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