Embryonic Stem Cell Use Essay

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This paper will discuss the benefits of embryonic stem cell use. An explanatory research study designed was used along with the primary data. The research studies designed have been conducted for many years in hopes to regenerate cells to repair a particular organ or damage tissue in the human body. These cells derive from embryos that are three to five days old called blastocysts containing one hundred fifty cells. However, there are many other types of stem cells with different purposes such as adult stem cells and prenatal stem cells. Four professional articles will cover the actual outcome of this medical procedure. Hodgson et al. (2003) agree that embryonic stem cells are considered a potential source of myocardial regeneration (Hodgson …show more content…
However, what is a benefit of the embryonic stem cell procedure on a patient? An individual who suffers from an illness would have a second chance to achieving better health. On the contrary, is there a health risk in embryonic stem cell? Yes, the body can reject the stem cell and treatment which can lead to death. To conduct the research, two males and two females between the ages of 18-40 years of age were used along with their health histories which were used to evaluate if they were good candidates for the study. My independent variable is ethnicity, age, and physical health. The dependent variable is that the body can reject the stem cell. Explanatory design was utilized in order to prove positive and negative outcomes in the use of embryonic stem cell. After six months post surgery, candidates were provided with a questionnaire that was used as my instrument to find out patient’s present health. The questions that were asked include mental state, physical endurance, and daily activities. The questionnaire used is externally valid. It provides information on each individual health condition and personal experience after the procedure. However, there is a threat in validity. The medical procedure is based on how the body responds to the treatment. The patient can encounter medical complications or in worse cases death. Multivariate analysis was used to gather information from the hospital of patients who received embryonic stem cell treatment. To determine if the research questions are answered, a face-to-face interview would be scheduled were the questionnaire will be completed by the patient. My study would be valuable because it will make people aware that the embryonic stem cell is a treatment that can be used to fight today’s many deadly diseases.

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