The Focus On Visual Phonics Essay

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This chapter provides the theoretical and research background for the present study with the focus on Visual Phonics. First, the role of phonological awareness in English reading is discussed with respect to the major principles common across of three models: Simple View of Reading (SVR), Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis (QSH), and the National Reading Panel (NRP). Next instructional strategies of phonemic awareness and phonics are examined. Research on teacher perceptions and teaching of reading, particularly phonemic awareness and phonics is also examined. Then the theoretical foundations and description of Visual Phonics are covered. The chapter synthesizes the research on Visual Phonic with typical literacy learners and d/Dhh students. The final section of this chapter summarizes the classroom usage of Visual Phonics and teachers’ perceptions about Visual Phonics.
The Role of a Phonological Awareness in Reading Development Phonology is one of the most important components of a language. It is called building blocks of a language, and individuals must be able to access its phonology to learn the language. Phonology means the rules of sounds in the spoken language or the rules of hand movements in the sign language (Paul & Whitelaw, 2011). For the development of reading skills, phonology is fundamental. Acquiring phonology can lead to raising up beginning reading acquisition, comprehension, language structures and vocabulary knowledge (Paul, Wang, & Williams, 2013). As…

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