Essay On Phonemic Awareness

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The student A-B-C data collected reinforced that the targeted behavior occurs most often when D.B is fatigued or emotionally upset. The antecedent (or what happens before the behavior) has been verified, as the announcement of afternoon reading instruction. D.B is often able to makes progress alone, and is less distractible when less then five students are present. The behavior is often task avoidance and defensiveness. The consequences are always negative to the student; she expresses she feels picked on and embraced. When this occurs she often becomes self-justifying and shut’s down. This author/ writer found that it is best to write about the behavior not the emotion.

Rational for the Action Research: Question(s);
D.B. is a Kindergarten student at P.S. 13 in New or York. The research involves an exploration examining ways to improve D.B’s. concentration, which will subsequently improving her reading level through structured phonemic Awareness instruction. The questions to be addressed are; why is phonological awareness is critical for ready instruction and How they do increase student engagement through phonemic awareness?
Literature Review
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The authors share similar viewpoint and beliefs that will prove to show significant connections to D.B’s lack of concentration. They discuss the importance of Phonemic Awareness instruction as the foundation for all other platforms of instruction to be built upon. For example when spoken language is misinterpreted (the three phoneme the word bug, Bu, Ha and Gu when they are substituted with an with a leading constant the word changes with because the sound changed Hug ) the shift of one vowel words can change the word entirely resulting in mispronunciation and wrong

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