The Fly By Katherine Mansfield Essay

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Life Carries On In the short story “The Fly” by Katherine Mansfield, a wealthy empowered man is faced with the grief of his son six years after his passing. The boss is conveyed to be a demanding, strong business man but, when faced with the remembrance of his son, he instantly changes his tone, pursuing two sides to the boss. Mansfield’s “The Fly” illustrates the hardship of death by the innocent killing of a fly, which than demonstrates a sense of relief to carry on in life. The passing of the boss’s son creates a burden on his life. Six years since his son’s death, the boss cannot feel any sense of emotion. It is certain the boss is still having a hard time as the remark by Woodifield about the remembrance of his son’s death came as “a terrible shock” to him. After the death of a loved one, finding a way to cope may be challenging. As the boss and Woodifield are talking, the boss offers him some whiskey which he then refers to as “medicine.” The whiskey to the boss may be a way of coping through the loss of his son. The whiskey can bring a sense of freedom, which could alter him into a different reality for some time, or even just altogether make him feel better. However, without the presence of his son, the boss is struggling to find the courage to move on: “Ever since his birth the boss had worked at building up this business for him; it had no other meaning if it was not for the boy. Life itself had come to have no other meaning.” Passing down the business to his…

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