The Flaws Of Free Trades Essay

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The Flaws of Free Trades

What is Free Trade?
According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, Free Trade means “a system of trade between nations in which there are no special taxes placed on imports”. This enables countries to trade on their exports and imports without government intervention. Free trade also means that there will be no form of authority or control to balance out the traders. Economists advocate for free trade because it predominantly benefits both countries. This allows most of the countries to have a comparative advantage in producing a good or services since the opportunity cost of producing goods or services is lower for some countries than for others. However, this is the benefits for nations with an increasing economic growth. Even though free trade has an advantage for countries of exporting and importing goods, it still can affect workers and growing companies from improvised countries. Supporting free trade only works in the favor of powerful trading countries at which commodities is being delivered at. However, this focus steers away consideration of the larger effects on employment and environmental in impoverished countries.

Political Perspective Against Free Trade The free trade policy is based on the laissez-faire which is for government not to interefered in international affairs. This demonstrates an unbalance of employment within certain countries. For example, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) decreases jobs for workers in the…

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