The Five Factor Model Of Human Personality Essay

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Every individual is made up of a variety of traits which base our patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours. There are many different theories in order to identify how we gain these traits. Neil Burger’s dystopian film Divergent portrays two of these trait theories through the characters and plot. The two theories present in the movie are the Five Factor Model of Human Personality and the theories of Nature versus Nurture.

The Five Factor model of human personality is an empirical organization of personality traits in terms of five dimensions. These five personality traits are commonly known as; Openness, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Extraversion and Conscientiousness (McCrae & Costa, 1999). Beneath each dimension lays a number of more specific factors that help to specify human personalities. Each of the five dimensions are equivalent to Divergent’s five factions. Openness corresponds with Erudite, they both consist of characteristics such as imagination and insight, those who are high in this trait tend to have are open minded and are willing to try new intellectual and creative experiences. Abnegation is in line with Conscientiousness, both embody high levels of thoughtfulness, organization, good impulse control and goal orientated behaviours. Extraversion and Candor have the similar traits of being outgoing, assertive and being energetic and warm. Amity much like Agreeableness is comprised of traits such as trust, sympathy, affection and prosocial behaviours.


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