Essay On My Christian Worldview

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Prior to this course, philosophy and theology were subjects I had not given much thought to. In fact, I am not sure I could have defined either of these two terms without some assistance. After finishing this course, including the reading and critical thinking assignments, I now have a better understanding of each subject and can see the error in my prior ways of thinking or non-thinking. The distractions in the world cause a sort of fuzziness about the truth. In order to clear out the fuzziness and understand God’s will and plan for me, I need to research and then define and support my Christian worldviews based on God’s word.
Worldview Defined
The current culture has a way of helping define one’s worldview, although this can be positively or negatively. For
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God created humans as the supreme being on earth. With this He gave us rational thought and certain abilities allowing us to function over other animals. Packer (1993) reinforces this worldview and adds all humans in the image of God should be treated with respect. Bible verses such as Genesis 1:26 and 9:6 further reiterate God’s act of making humans in His own image.
3.The Bible is the inspired word of God. God knew He needed to communicate truths to His people, therefore inspired the inerrant Bible. We learn from the Bible about God and Jesus, including topics like redemption, salvation and the will of God. The Bible is historically accurate, although some imagery and parables are included in order to give additional visualization. The Bible should be used to evaluate what is being taught in the world against God’s will and instruction (Acts 17:11).
4.Truth and morals can only be defined by looking to God and the Bible. Morals are not relative. The standard set of rights and wrongs are identified in the Bible through the example of Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate standard of morality. God comes first and the inspired word of God should be used to shape our

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