The Five Characteristics Of Donald J. Trump, By Donald Trump

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Machiavelli’s theory on the five qualities can be transparent to a current politician named Donald J. Trump, as he acts upon the paradox of honesty, compassion, and trustworthiness. Throughout Machiavelli’s, The Prince, he reinforces ideas on what traits a ruler must adapt to, in order to stay in power. These traits may only be present around others, but behind closed doors, the ruler may be adverse to those attributes. This idea of idiosyncrasy that Machiavelli states are prominent in the characteristics that Donald Trump portrays. Trump, like many other politicians seem to follow Machiavelli’s theories on how to be a good leader. As a result, Donald Trump has been able to gain many followers and media attention using Machiavelli’s theory. …show more content…
In contrast, Donald Trump tends to attack everyone and anyone that opposes him, even if he is defeated. His insults towards other people and his candidates are politically incorrect because he is a racist and a misogynist. In Princely Virtues Chapter 17 Cruelty and Passion, Machiavelli states, “All the same, a leader must think carefully before believing and responding to certain allegations and not get frightened over nothing,” (66). Donald Trump tends to lash out towards others to create a sense of fear and he tries to defend himself over the criticisms he gets, and as a result of his behaviors, he will insult fellow political figures and bring them down to present himself better. Trump says President Barack Obama was the “worst president in American history,” (Chariton). In addition, Trump continued on with the comment, “People are tired of incompetent politicians running our country,” (Chariton). He also continues to attack Hillary Clinton by inferring her to as a “criminal” conduct of Secretary of State by her personal emails. Machiavelli states, ”We can say this of most people: that they are ungrateful and unreliable; they lie, they fake, they 're greedy for cash and they melt away in the face of danger,” (67). Even though Mr. Trump is straightforward and a man of his words, he gets caught up in his lies, and is greedy for money. As for a professional politician, it is important for them to follow Machiavelli’s theory so that they can gain supporters, and be able to be a

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