The First Year Of The Second World War Essay

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During the fifth year of the Second World War (1944), the Allied forces were planning the blueprints for the largest naval, air, and infantry invasion in the history of the world. This offensive was deemed the codename “Operation Overlord,” better known to the public as The Battle of Normandy. There were three major Allied countries involved in the invasion of D-day: The United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. The invasion would begin with a heavy bombardment of German-held beach defensives on coast of Normandy, France, followed by a influx of landing crafts filled with thousands of soldiers. There were five beach sectors deemed for the invasion: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sword, and Juno beach. Both the works from Carlo D’Este, “Decision in Normandy,” as well as Terry Copp’s “Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy” share the context of The Battle of Normandy. However, both authors differ in their focuses on which Allied Forces they wrote their book on, as well as how they interpret those force’s participation in the invasion. D’Este tends to focus on the British participation in Normandy, following General Montgomery, and writing a more strategic based approach on the entirety of the Normandy campaign. Whereas Copp on the other hand, focuses on the Canadians in Normandy, and he writes a more battle oriented approach to their participation, and argues that the Canadians were more influential than they were given credit. In order to provide prior context to…

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