The First Work Of Art Essay

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1. The title of the first work of art is called David and was created in bronze by Italian Renaissance sculptor Donatello. Sculpted around 1446-1460, at 5ft 2 inches, it is the first life-size, freestanding nude created in over a 1000 years. David is currently at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence, Italy.
The title of the second work of art is called David and was sculpted from an 18ft marble block by the artist and poet Michelangelo. The final product measures at 17ft without the pedestal and is currently at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy.

2. Please describe IN DETAIL everything you see in these two works of art. Provide as much DETAIL and DEPTH in how you describe what you see by writing about everything in each sculpture piece. Describe the pose of each of these figures. o The Bronze David:
 A triumphant David is posed standing naked atop the head of the slain Goliath, wearing only sandals and a hat with a wreath on it. He holds Goliath’s sword in his hand, pointed down, perhaps illustrating its weight and his underdeveloped muscles.
 His face portrays the emotion of accomplishment and pride.
 Goliath’s beard wraps around David’s right foot and a wing from his helmet rests against David’s left leg.
 David is sculpted with long unkempt hair and soft boyish features, lacking muscular definition and was speculated to represent homosexuality due to his effeminate pose. o The Marble David:
 Posed naked, looking out on the horizon in…

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