Essay The First Wave Of Feminism

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The F-Word
It’s undeniable that Feminism is an ever-evolving topic. The very nature of the movement is to take on new goals once old ones are accomplished. This creates a movement that is always evolving and adapting. Until complete gender equality is achieved feminist will always have something to fight for. Feminism, as a movement, has come to American society in three fairly distinct eras, called waves. The First Wave began around the 1840s and lasted through the 1950s, the Second Wave running its course from the 1960s to the 1970s and finally the Third Wave starting in the 1980s ad continuing into modern day. The eras of feminism each came with their own unique issues and methods of demonstration, as well as their own distinct representation in American media. Today 's modern day feminism has its own influencer 's, goals and representation in media that is drastically different from where the Feminist Movement began in the mid-1800s.
First Wave Feminism Some say that true feminism began back in the ancient Greece with goddesses like Aphrodite and Athena. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s, as the women’s suffrage movement started, that the feminism truly began to gain ground (Three Waves of Feminism). This was the first time the nation saw women come together with a common goal. While most people are taught that the suffragists’ sole goal was to gain the right to vote, that wasn’t the only change they had been aiming for.
The feminists of the time not only wanted to…

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