Hook's Importance Of Feminism

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Yet Sanburg ignores the importance of intersectionality when expressing her argument. Hooke reminds the reader that it is crucial to evaluate the status of all women, placing more focus on their race and class status in order to tackle the issue as a whole. Her approach to feminism is impractical, passive, and disenfranchising to women of color. Furthermore, Sandburg is promoting a sort of “faux feminism,” as Hooks puts it, where common courtesy is being portrayed as rebellious while the ideas truly renegade to the status quo are viewed as deranged nonsense.
The biggest threat to the modern-day feminist movement is not society but rather the recent pacification of the movement in favor of ignoring and simultaneously not upsetting existing
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By no means insinuating active racism, it just goes to show the extent of how women belonging to other marginalized groups are constantly forgotten about. Hooks views this recent trend of thought to be highly disturbing. Intersectionality, she says, should be at the focus of the modern day movement. Hooks wishes for women of all backgrounds to be willing to stand with each other and once again rally for a fundamental change in the way society perceives gender, rather than have the the issue be ignored by the modern mainstream …show more content…
In many cases, such thoughts embraced are not even exclusive to women. For example, Anne-Marie Slaughter, president of the public policy institute New America Foundation, discusses the effect that a larger role in the workforce has had on western women in her essay “ Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” She argues that even though women are trying to find the perfect balance between family life and work, they will never be able to find a balance for a myriad of reasons, falling just short of reaching “it.” In a world where people are adjusting to the change of family dynamics resulting from the increase of women in the workforce, discussions regarding equality have yet to adjust for

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