Essay about The First Two Chapters Of Guerrilla P.r

1162 Words Oct 5th, 2015 null Page
After reading the first two chapter of Guerrilla P.R. 2.0, I learnt something new about PR, some of the points in the book are extremely helpful and think worthy.

For example, from p19- p21, the author talked about contraction and expansion. He mentioned that all media are looking for ways to increase the bottom line, which is interesting, because to my understanding, the modern PR research strives to deliver evidence that the bottom line has been enhanced by practitioner’s activities. Also, the data shows that we absorb more information while understand less than ever before, because know the goal of media is not to deliver the truth, but to keep the audience tuned in. It reminds me of a news three years ago.

I was still in China at that time. And two Chinese college students were killed next to a car in University of Southern California. However, almost all the news I saw in China emphasized that the whole thing happened when one single man and one single woman staying in an expensive car in the midnight, but ignore the fact that they were just two friends going back home from the library while a men shot them. The media was clearly conduct the audience 's’ opinions in this case. They try to made it sounds like that two luxurious Chinese people got killed while they were doing something bad in America, because it sounds much more attracting than a news which just report two students were shot in school. And they were right, because the comments about the news were…

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