Essay The First Legal Death Penalty

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Crime and punishment have been around before the discovery and inhabitation by the English of a new land called America. Christopher Columbus discovered the new world in 1492 and in 1607 English immigrants started a colony in Virginia. The first recorded execution was in 1608 a male named George Kendall was shot for espionage in Virginia a 168 a years before America become an independent country (Espy & Smylka 2007). Danial Frank`s execution in 1622 is considered to be the first legal death penalty. Frank`s execution is deemed legal according to the Divine, Moral and martial Laws that were implemented to ensure the colonists’ safety (Randa1997). The research done by (Espy & Smylka 2007) states that Moses Dunbar as the first male executed in America after becoming an independent country. The crime Moses Dunbar was convicted of and executed by hanging for treason.
The death penalty has been Controversial at best with many sides to the argument. Some of the questions raised include whether Americans should kill someone for that person committing a violent crime against another person - for example murdering another human being. Since 1973 there have been 144 people found not guilty of the crimes they were convicted of exonerating them after many years in prison on death row (Berman, Barnes ND). There are some states in America that have abolished the death penalty. Thirty-one states, including the Federal Government still enforce or have the ability to impose the…

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