The First Days Of Colonial Era Essay

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From its earliest days to present, America had always been a nation of immigrants. Immigration in the US is a very controversial issue in which included in all political, economical, social American issues and aspects. The earliest days of Colonial Era is when the first Europeans, led by the Spanish and French, had begun establishing settlements in what would become the United States. Most of immigrants who settled at this time came in search freedom to practice their faith such as the group of pilgrims that fled religious persecution in Europe and established a colony in present-day Plymouth, Massachusetts, while others came seeking economic freedom. Another group of immigrants that arrived against their will in that colonial Era were black slaves from West Africa. Dr. Howard Weiner is a Professor who joined the History department of College Of Staten Island in 1965, he has his Master’s degree from Columbia, and his PhD degree from NYU. Dr. Weiner widely explores the US immigration process and explain its major waves and levels. The 1st major wave that Dr. Weiner mentions is the old immigration Era (1830-1860): Beside the British and Northern European people, Weiner discusses two major groups of people that came from different countries during this Era. The first group of people who came in big numbers was the Irish who were the majority that settled in urban areas and…

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