Essay on The First Criminal Charge Against Boo Radley

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Can someone be both a sinner and a saint? I believe that they can, and I believe Boo Radley is an example of this. Upon first glance of the evidence one would consider him guilty of his charges of assault, stalking, and murder, especially since he had a reputation as a monster in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama; however, if one delves only 10% deeper into each event one would instantly dismiss the case for each on various grounds. In chronological order, the first criminal charge against Boo Radley (also known as Arthur Radley) is an event that occurred nearly 20 years prior to the trial. The charge is second degree assault against his father with a pair of scissors (a Dangerous Instrument according to Alabama Code § 13A-1-2 and not a deadly weapon). Supposedly he stabbed him in the leg with the scissors (Lee, 11), but there was no serious permanent injury that can be attributed to this incident as is evident through the frequent sightings of Mr. Radley walking without any mention of him limping due to an injury. The only evidence that the prosecuting attorney could have would have been the word of Mr. Radley and Mrs. Radley and at best a vague scar from the incident, however Mr. Radley died later on due to unrelated causes. Due to his death it is unlikely that he would even stand trial. Throughout the years they most likely would have gotten rid of the scissors and even if they did not there would be no evidence that could tie that pair of scissors to the crime if…

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