Essay on The First Confession By Hermann Von Kaulbach

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The First Confession by Hermann von Kaulbach is located at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California (Figure 1). The Crocker Art Museum was originally built by the Crocker family in 1872. Ironically, the museum was built during the lifetime of Hermann Kaulbach. The Crocker is a California Historical Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It houses over fifteen thousand items including American Art, European Art, Photography and Ceramics. In 2010 a new pavilion was added to the Crocker which tripled the size of the museum (
Hermann von Kaulback was born on July 26th, 1846 in Munich, Germany. Hermann was the son of Wilhelm von Kaulbach, an established artist himself who painted numerous murals in Munich. Hermann’s first career choice was medicine, however, while attending the University Hermann changed directions and chose to pursue art. His father sent him to study art under the Painter Karl von Piloty. Over the years, Hermann von Kaulbach has become known as a “humorous and poetic painter of the child world and of family life” (The Collector and Art Critic). His paintings of children are known world-wide. “there are few artists who so thoroughly understand and so charmingly picture the droll and captivating side of child life” (The Collector and Art Critic).
The First Confession is undated but based on the artist life, it would have been painted between 1846 and 1909. At the Crocker Art Museum, it hung in a gallery…

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