Essay on The First Amendment

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The first amendment is the nucleus and appears to be the root of various political affairs in today’s modern society. From freedom of speech to the controversial subject matter of abortion; the first amendment contains multifarious deficiencies and is a profoundly disputed topic. Discrimination is one of the monumental aspects associated with this misconstrued amendment. Debate is very prevalent on the matter of whether it or not it should it be deemed unlawful for citizens to discriminate against minorities or gays without facing a consequence. The United States constitution prohibits discrimination when referring to any and all facets of employment. This includes the possibility of hiring, firing and every other form of employment. However, it doesn’t entirely avert discrimination in the workforce or anywhere of that matter. Since the construction of the first amendment discriminators have been provided with a green light to convey their detestation of another race. The first amendment protects discriminators from repercussions considering that they are merely exercising their first amendment rights also called the freedom of speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nevertheless, victims of discrimination are worthy of some method of justice. This law has been misconceived and taken advantage of for decades, and in consequence it has further sabotaged the destruction of discrimination.
The first amendment incorporates abundant advantages including but not…

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