The First Amendment Should Be Regulated Essay

1179 Words Nov 1st, 2015 5 Pages
The year of 2015 would be known as the year that seemingly everyone in the United States of America was offended by something. Throughout the year, it seemed as though the First Amendment had been liberally thrown around during controversial times. Due to this year’s subjects of controversy being surrounded around the First Amendment, some Americans are suggesting that the First Amendment should be regulated or restricted in special cases. Although it seems like only a few extreme number of people would even assert the idea that the First Amendment gives too much freedom, this idea is becoming more common among the American people. A survey conducted by the First Amendment Center reported that in 2013, 34% of Americans believed the First Amendment goes too far in protecting their rights. This, according to the First Amendment Center, was actually a 13% increase from the previous year and is the largest single year increase in their whole study, which had started in 1997. Another interesting percentage from this study would be that 23% of Americans believe that high schoolers specifically shouldn’t have the same First Amendment rights as adults do. However, regardless of how offensive or controversial the First Amendment protections, the First Amendment should always be fully protective of the people’s rights. Preventing regulation or restrictions on the First Amendment will ensure that the rights included in the First Amendment are protected from complete annihilation.…

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