The Final Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The Final Fall of the Roman Empire
By: Kelli Floyd The Byzantine Empire lasted for over a thousand years. This empire struggled against forces, from both within and without, that seemed determined to destroy it. For over a millennium, it was successful. However, after the first major blow, the Fourth Crusade, the empire never fully recovered and it seems as though it was destined to finally fall. Both the existence and the fall of the Byzantine, or Roman, empire had a huge effect on the development of Western Civilization, including eventually leading to the Italian Renaissance.
Crusading Against Christians
The first blow that eventually lead to the downfall of the Byzantine Empire was the 1204 attack on Constantinople. Ironically, this attack was not lead by Muslims or any other ‘dangerous’ sect. It was led by a Venetian doge named Enrico Dandolo who was actually leading the crusaders against Constantinople. Ostensibly, this attack was to reclaim the throne for the one he considered the true heir, Alexius. He promised the church quite a bit if they helped him reclaim his throne. He told them that he would give a large sum of money, that the church would be reunited, and that he would offer thousands of soldiers in order to support the next crusade. In truth, however, Constantinople was known for its wealth and the amazing treasury that it had. After they took the city, the Fourth Crusade ransacked it, taking what they could and burning much else. Eventually, the city was…

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