The Film Sugar Cane Alley And The Video Post Traumatic Slave Disorder By Dr. Joy De Gruy

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Slavery was taken place almost all around the world. Once slavery was over, the people of African ancestry had to face some common struggles and they still do, today. A few common struggles are racism and lack of opportunities by treating the trauma. Treating so one can overcome those struggles. Through the film Sugar Cane Alley and in the video Post Traumatic Slave Disorder by Dr. Joy De Gruy, will demonstrate how the people of African ancestry will overpass their obstacles.
One of the many struggles is racism. Racism comes in play when someone is being judged for their own race. During slavery, the main group being targeted was the people of African ancestry. Even after slavery, blacks were not treated equally or even given a position in a society. Many of the blacks’ rights were taken away because they are black. There is a scene where a character named Leopald, who is born from a black woman and a white man. Who live near a village/town with poor black people. Their lives were more stable than those black people combined together. This young boy’s father got into an accident causing him to live his last moments. In his last moments, his wife wants him to recognize Leopald as his son so he could keep some of his property and not suffer being left with nothing. Upon his last words, he is not going to give his “white last name” to him or any properties to his own son because he was not born white. Leopald has the right to keep those properties but since his father is…

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