Essay about The Film Of Time By Andrew Niccol

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In the film ‘In time’ the director, Andrew Niccol, uses many significant scenes throughout the film to present certain themes and ideas to the audience. My theme study focused around the connecting idea of dehumanisation. Throughout the theme study I examined the visual technique of Long shot, Costume, Zoom out and the verbal technique of dialogue. To do this, Niccol skilfully uses a variety of techniques to present these ideas, which help to develop and craft the narrative. One of the most important scenes ‘In time’ which uses a number of film techniques is the opening scene.
In the scene “opening sequence” the director Andrew Niccol has used the visual technique of Zoom out. Through this zoom out technique we can see a digital clock on wills arm this provides the audience an insight to the characters lives in the film. The director has purposefully used the technique zoom out to show how time is important “time” is going to for people in this film. The director uses a close up shot on Wills face; this enables viewers to understand Wills emotions and also allows them to feel empathy for the character. The digital clock embedded on their arm ticks down, the audience can see thought wills facial expression that they are depressed and value time more than anything as time is there currency .Through the use of close up we see Will looking out the window where the audience witness bars which symbolises people living in Dayton are restricted of freedom. The bars are a symbol…

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