Essay on The Film ' Dark Days '

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In a variety of films, female characters do not have an impacting role to play. For example, in the film Dark Days, Dee’s character is a strong independent woman who has little screen time but struggles if not more than the male characters besides her. Also in the film Batman, Vicki Vale’s character is underdeveloped and perceived as a Damsel in Distress who drives the superhero of the film to save her. Similarly, in the film Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3, female characters are misrepresented, lacking screen time and underdeveloped. The women are fragile, vulnerable, and objectified. New York City’s representation of gender roles emphasizes inequality because women are either in need of assistance or the beauty who is taken hostage for the sake of the villain. Women are portrayed as weak individuals in a majority of films and in society. In the film Dark Days, the only female character in the film is a woman who is independent by the name of Dee. Throughout her stay in the underground Dee has released her pain through crack. In one scene Dee’s underground home had been burned down by a man whom she seemed to have problems with, the sick idea was that the man had hoped Dee was inside her home too. Dee seemed to be the only target underground, and ironically the only woman who sought home underground. After her house is burned, she packs her things and becomes dependent on the men who also live on the M train track. This piece of evidence is important because it represents…

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